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If you’re having a badass wedding… yeah, you’re gonna need badass wedding photos, too.

Downtown Las Vegas murals make that part easy — everyone in Vegas knows that the best street art can be found in the Downtown area between 6th and 7th Streets.

Dozens of local artists have dotted downtown Vegas with expressive, modern, edgy and retro-inspired pieces of street art lining buildings all over the landscape.

So take a walking tour, pick your favorites and get ready for a wedding album that kicks serious ass.

3D Mural Created by Felipe Pantone

3D Mural by Felipe Pantone at 36.16986° N, 115.13744° W

Located at 7th Street and Ogden Avenue in downtown, 3D Mural was one of the murals painted for Life is Beautiful in 2016.

A chic combination of black and white geometric shapes with modern rainbow pops of color in modern designs, these two elements join forces to create something totally innovative.

For weddings with a modernist edgy vibe, it’s reminiscent of an old-school arcade steeped in that too-damn-cool space-age nostalgia.

Mantra by Unknown

Mantra by Unknown at 36.16694° N, 115.13570° W


Unknown at 36.16785° N, 115.13684° W

Found Again by Keya Tama

Found Again by Keya Tama at 36.16933° N, 115.13704° W

Mural Created by Alexis Diaz

Mural by Alexis Diaz at 36.17004° N, 115.13802° W

You want badass, you want Vegas, you want photos that will stand out — you want Mural by Alexis Diaz.

Artistically, the mural consists of thousands of brush strokes taking more than a week to complete.

Stylistically, it features a snail carrying a smoking skull as a shell on its back with three black birds nestled right in the cranium.

In the background, you’ll see a desert scape in shades of orange, red and pink, with the distant silhouette of palm trees, desert plants and mountains. 

Mural by Shay Davis

Mural by Shay Davis at 36.16822° N, 115.13674° W


Unknown at 36.16940° N, 115.13703° W

Mural by Unknown

Mural by Unknown at 36.16814° N, 115.13888° W

Mural Created by D*Face 

Mural by D*Face at 36.16958° N, 115.13763° W

At 7th Street and Ogden Avenue sits an installation created for the Life is Beautiful Festival by artist D*Face.

A little cheeky and a little dark, a retro-comic styled man is sitting with a drink and thinking “I gave her my heart, she left me for…”

About five minutes from the Neon Museum, this mural is just perfect for a couple with a retro edge. 

Bacardi Art Motel

Bacardi Art Motel at 36.17042° N, 115.13706° W

Black Girl Magic by Criola Paints

Black Girl Magic by Criola Paints at 36.17049° N, 115.13709° W

Neon Mural #12 by Spidertag

Neon Mural #12 by Spidertag at 36.17036° N, 115.13779° W

Peacemaker Created by D*Face 

Peacemaker by D* Face at 36.16726° N, 115.13623° W

For the pacifist, for the lovers of the Old West or for couples who like a little grit in their love story, there’s Peacemaker by D*Face at 899 Fremont Street.

A gold bullet is discharged from an old six-shooter, spelling out “peace” in a stylish old west-style script. 

Landscape 1 by Agostino Iacurci

Landscape 1 by Agostino Iacurci at 36.16889° N, 115.13808° W

Stella Artois Soltice Lager by Unknown

Stella Artois Soltice Lager by Unknown at 36.16977° N, 115.13750° W

Lucky Motel

Lucky Motel at 36.16601° N, 115.13265° W

Mural by Vhils 

Mural by Vhils at 36.17000° N, 115.13755° W

Shade and shadow made to look like decay, Mural by Vhils has a certain vintage charm in soft color great for a bit of unexpected romanticism.

It can be found by the El Cortez parking garage against a piece of dusty ground perfectly appropriate to frame the dramatically distressed piece. 

Mural by Unknown

Mural by Unknown at 36.17043° N, 115.13706° W

Las Vegas Motel

Las Vegas Motel at 36.16568° N, 115.13244° W

Horned Toad by ROA 

Horned Toad by ROA at 36.17083° N, 115.13745° W

Exquisitely detailed, Horned Toad by ROA can be found at 598 Stewart Avenue.

The ground-level mural shows a monochrome horned toad in all shades of chic black and white, the only splash of color coming from a stream of red blood coming from the animal’s otherwise serene eye.

With an incredible realistic style and massive size, it’s like having your photo taken with a living dinosaur. 

Aware by Unknown

Aware by Unknown at 36.17024° N, 115.13808° W

Popsquad by Nicolas Barrome Forgues

Popsquad by Nicolas Barrome Forgues at 36.16984° N, 115.13758° W

Hero of the Day by Sebas Velasco

Mural by Sebas Velasco at 36.17001° N, 115.13635° W

Mural by Mark Drew 

Mural by Mark Drew at 36.16960° N, 115.13763° W

Nostalgic and cheeky, Mural by Mark Drew combines two beloved classics: Peanuts and Wu-Tang Clan. Linus of the Peanuts gang lies back with a bubble above him saying “Life as a shorty shouldn’t be so rough!!” This bold and bright art installation sits on Fremont Street between 6th and 7th. An ironic favorite, it’s perfect for couples looking for something whimsical and totally unexpected. 

Mural by Apexer

Mural by Apexer at 36.16974° N, 115.13617° W


Unknown at 36.16785° N, 115.13684° W

The Life Is Beautiful Festival Signature Mural by Unknown

The Life Is Beautiful Festival signature mural by Unknown at 36.17011° N, 115.13749° W

Love Forever by D* Face

Las Vegas street art is always changing, evolving, and growing — it’s like a living thing, which is how it’s able to tell the city’s story so well.

While we do our best to keep this guide updated, please let us know if a mural has been removed or repainted by another artist and we will update accordingly!

Thinking about giving your wedding photos the Vegas treatment? Reach out and we’ll help you plan your badass Sin City elopement or micro wedding. 

McKenzi Taylor
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