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Clippy the office assistant is out (or is it?) and large language models are in. If you’re wondering if you should use AI to write your wedding vows, we’ve got you the good, the bad and the ugly to consider, and a super helpful prompt template to use if you decide to delegate this wedding day ritual to the robots.

Like it or not, AI is here to stay. In the spirit of embracing our robot overlords, today we’re going to show you how you can use Chat GPT to write your wedding vows. 

If that seems cold — which it totally freaking is — just tell yourself, “Others are doing it, I might as well join the club.” (See, good for you. You’re already embracing the robot mindset!)

And keep in mind that unlike petroglyphs on caves or hieroglyphics in Egyptian tombs, the copy that the computer spits out isn’t written in stone. Consider it more as a starting point. 

It’s a good way to break writer’s block, take the guesswork out of what should be included and can be quickly improved with more and better prompts.

Its encyclopedic “knowledge” is capable of doing a mediocre job for you to begin with, and then you can add your human touch and elements of you and your fiance’s  shared life experiences to the rough draft it provides.

CHAT GPT Is Taking Over the World

If you’ve been living under a rock (hey do you have any extra room under there?), Chat GPT is a human trained chatbot that mimics human conversation. It’s not that different from Apple’s Siri, Google’s Alexa… or, going way way back — the Magic 8 Ball.

Like many humans that try to take over the world, ChatGPT has some skeletons in its closet. And the extensive training and learning this new software has been guided through has produced an intelligent sounding, but not always accurate, “writing” robot. 

The AI chatbot, which was released publicly in late November 2022, can generate compelling written responses to user prompts and offers the promise of helping people get over writer’s block, whether it be for an essay, an email or an emotional speech, such as wedding vows.

Voila! Your wedding day essay assignment just got easier!

I mean, it can’t help you with the oral presentation; you’re on your own there. Don’t blow it. Everyone you know is watching. (And that’s reason number 483 why people choose to elope.)

Is It Okay to Use AI to Write My Wedding Vows?

Ethical questions aside? Sure why not. 

Consider being open and honest with your soon-to-be spouse. Here’s something to think about; if one person spends hours pouring out their heart to create their vows, and the other person takes only a few minutes, there could be some feelings of resentment.

As with everything revolving around the use of Chat GPT, it’s good to be careful and use a little bit of your own brain power too.

So, yes, as long as you’re prompting it with personal touches, and checking its work, using an AI  tool like Chat GPT to write your wedding vows isn’t all bad

How Do You Use ChatGPT to Write Wedding Vows?

Like any good marriage, Chat GPT works best if you are a good teammate to your partner. If this is your first time getting married then we’re willing to bet that you’ve not written any wedding vows before.

So AI, which does a ton of ”writing”, will be able to bring its expertise to the task, and you can pitch in by providing the personal details you’d like included.

Be sure to add funny anecdotes that might be appropriate, like the story of how you felt when you first met, as well as stuff like the tone of voice you’re seeking or how long it should be. YAY TEAMWORK!

The tool will set you up at the one-yard line by giving you the essence of what vows should incorporate, and then you can carry the ball across the goal line by adding personal touches.

Prompt Template

Here’s a handy template you can use to provide Chat GPT with a useful set of prompts that will produce a passable set of vows. Fill in the Mad Libs-style blanks so that Chat GPT knows more about you.

“Write wedding vows for me!”

“Make them <a certain number of minutes> in length, and keep the tone (insert the tone of your wedding).”

“I’m getting married to (your partner’s name) and they are (describe your partner and what you love most about them).” 

“We’ve been together for (how long?) and have done so much together, like (what are some of your favorite memories together?).” 

“I want to say something (what mood are you feeling toward your partner?) and express (the one thing you want them to know on your wedding day).” 

So, can Chat GPT write your wedding vows for you? Yup! Today’s AI isn’t (yet) trying to destroy us all to cover up for its shortcomings. For now, it’s still at our command and can totally do that, Dave.

If you’re not convinced ChatGPT is the way to go, check out our alternative weddings vows blog which has some great suggestions written by an actual human!

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McKenzi Taylor

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