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We love kids as much as the next person, but some things are rated “R” for a reason. Las Vegas isn’t just called “Sin City,” it’s a great place to get into a little adult trouble.

Sure there are plenty of kid-friendly destinations in the city, but most of the really fun shit is definitely not for the kiddos.

When you’re planning your Vegas elopement, the last thing you’re trying to do is to plan events around guests who aren’t even old enough to get into a casino, no less need a sitter.

(Although your wedding party may need a little babysitting if you have too many delicious daiquiris at Fat Tuesday). 

The easiest way to get around the kid issue is to make your wedding ceremony “adults-only.”

If you tell parents you don’t want their kids to come, most will be stoked to have a little adult time away.

However, some parents may take it personally and have a bit of a fit. The worst.

To avoid the drama, it’s best to just set the expectation with everyone upfront. An easy way to do this is on your invites with adults-only wedding invitation wording.

Here are some examples of adults-only wedding invitation wording that politely say “no kids allowed.”

Adults-Only Wedding Invitation Format

There are a lot of kind ways to say, “Hey, don’t bring your crumb catchers to our wedding,” without being so direct with your peeps.

Adding just a bit of wording at the end of the invitation can really go pretty far. A standard adults-only wedding invitation format is:

  • The host
  • Your names
  • The request line 
  • Ceremony location
  • Date and time
  • Dress code
  • Adults-only wedding invitation wording 

If you’re including your reception deets in your invite, try this format:

  • The host
  • Your names
  • Request line 
  • Ceremony location
  • Date and time
  • Reception location
  • Dress code
  • Adults-only wedding invitation wording 

If you truly want to hammer the adult theme home, include an RSVP card with your invitation that states specifically this is a kids-free kind of party.

This is a bit extra but it for sure gets the point across if you’re worried people are going to make it a thing.

Adults-Only Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

Here are some ideas for adults-only language for your wedding invitations.

In most cases, this wording will help you avoid any issues:

  • “We respectfully request no children be in attendance.”
  • “Please be aware this is an adult-only celebration.”
  • “The couple requests that this be an adults-only event.”
  • “Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate children. Thank you for your understanding in advance.”
  • “Please note our ceremony will be adults-only.”
  • “Please join our adults-only celebration.”
  • “We look forward to your joining our adults-only celebrate.”
  • “As we are planning a small ceremony, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate children.” 
  • “Although we love your children, this is an adults-only affair.”
  • “Regrettably our chosen venue cannot accommodate children.”
  • “The wedding will be an adults-only affair.”
  • “We love your children, but unfortunately our venue can only accommodate adults.”
  • “The couple respectfully requests no children attend the ceremony.”
  • “Due to limited space in the venue, this will be an adults-only event.”
  • “Due to budget limitations, we unfortunately cannot extend this invitation to children.”
  • “We adore children, but unfortunately our ceremony will be for adults only.”

Adults-Only Reception Invitation Wording Examples

Sometimes it’s nice to have kids to share in big family events.

If you’re cool with kiddos at your ceremony, but want to cut loose at your reception, here’s what to say on the invite:

  • “Children are welcome at the ceremony, but the reception is for adults only.”
  • “Please note, our reception will be adults-only.”
  • “To allow wedding guests a night of uninhibited revelry, we respectfully request no children attend the reception.”
  • “Unfortunately, our reception venue cannot accommodate children.”
  • “Adults only (21+) reception to follow the ceremony.”
  • “We respectfully request no children attend our reception.”
  • “Join us for an adult reception following the ceremony.”
  • “Please celebrate with us at our adult-only reception.”
  • “We hope you understand our decision to make our reception child-free and enjoy the opportunity to celebrate an adult night out.”

What to Do If You Get Pushback from Parents

Finding reliable childcare is a challenge normally, especially when it comes to a trip away for a destination wedding. It’s understandable why parents would get a little miffed about the adults-only rule.

What isn’t understandable is parents pushing back on the adults-only rule.

Your wedding is a celebration of your epic love and commitment to one another. You don’t have to accommodate children if you don’t want them at your wedding.

Hold your boundaries and if people are going to make a stink, let them. You can’t control other people’s reactions, but you can control who’s invited to your wedding.

This adults-only wedding invitation wording will hopefully help you avoid all the drama. Now that you know you want to invite only adults, you must decide who makes the cut.

Need help deciding who you should invite to your wedding? Here’s a flowchart that can help!

McKenzi Taylor
McKenzi Taylor

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