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You’ve found it! You’ve said yes to the perfect wedding dress. It’s everything you ever wanted…

…until you have to go to the bathroom.

Then suddenly you’re doing your sickest Simone Biles moves over the toilet trying to figure out how to pee without getting it on your beautiful dress.

Then you start thinking about that nightline news show you saw where they took a blacklight to the bathroom and the idea of all of that gross on your dress?

It’s a whole scene. 

Luckily, we’re here to help! Here’s everything you need to know about how to pee in a wedding dress.

Since not every wedding dress is the same, we’re giving you a few different strategies to try with your gown.

1. The Lift and Straddle

This is a great method if you have a full skirt or long train.

You may want to recruit someone from your wedding party to help, depending on the volume of your skirt.

  1. First, you’ll remove any undergarments, like hosiery or underwear.
  2. Then you’ll stand facing the toilet. Lift the sides and front of the dress up.
  3. If needed, have your friend grab the back of the skirt and lift it up.
  4. Then move forward and have your legs straddle both sides of the toilet.
  5. Crouch down and let it flow. 

Pro Tip: Have the toilet paper ready for easy wiping.

2. Get A Bridal Buddy 

Bridal Buddy answers how to pee in a wedding dress by designing a dress protector.

They have three different models to work with different styles of dresses.

  1. You put the Bridal Buddy on like an underskirt.
  2. Then, using the drawstring on the bottom, you pull it up — capturing your skirt.
  3. Then you put your arms through two loopholes.

The end result is you look like you are wearing a marshmallow, but your dress is safe from bathroom yuck and it’s easy to pee.

They come in white, so if they match your dress you even can keep them on your whole wedding day. 

Pro Tip: Since the Bridal Buddy is made with chiffon, you could do a DIY dye job to match it to your dress color.

3. The Trash Bag Method

Like the Bridal Buddy, large trash bags work great to tie up your skirt. You want at least a 38-gallon size to fit a large skirt.

  1. Start by tearing a hole at the bottom of the trash bag just large enough to fit your legs.
  2. Step through the hole and pull the bag up, gathering the skirt with up into the bag.
  3. Hole the bag in place and sit on the toilet.

You’ll look like a fashion model in a Schiaparelli gown, but you’ll get the job done. 

Pro Tip: Get trash bags that have a drawstring. You can use the drawstring to better hold up the dress.

4. The Two-Person Potty

The two-person potty method is similar to the lift and straddle. You’ll need to recruit someone from your wedding party to help.

  1. Start by facing forward with your back to the toilet.
  2. Take the train of the gown and toss it over your head.
  3. Then have your helper grab the train from the front and hold it on the side.
  4. You can then lift the rest of the skit and sit on the toilet like normal. 

Pro Tip: Use extra caution when standing back up. Better to step away from the toilet, or out of the stall, to put the skirt back down.

Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Eff Up Your Gown When You Go

All of these pee methods are great, but no matter your approach, be ready for both a figurative and a literal shit show.

Even the most careful can get all kinds of crap on their gown when they go to the bathroom.

Here are some more tips to help you keep bathroom yuck off your gorgeous dress:

  • Get Some Insider Info: Ask your friends who have been married before what they did. Talk to the venue to learn about their bathroom options. Consult with your elopement planner for their insights. The more information you can get ahead of time, the better your pee plan will be. 
  • Plan a Strategy: Decide where you will go to the bathroom. Will it be a stall? A room? What are the risks of using this bathroom? What do you need to have on hand?
  • Time Your Go: Plan certain points throughout the day where it would be optimal to go. For example, definitely go right before the ceremony. Go before any toasts or featured couple dances. 
  • Recruit a Potty Posse: Recruit some of your most trusted friends and family members to be a part of your potty posse. That way if one is busy, you have a backup. 
  • Practice: Practice with and without your potty posse before the ceremony if you can. That way everyone knows what to do on the day.
  • Prep a Toilet Kit: Pack a toilet kit with stain remover wipes, extra toilet paper, and trash bags. Keep the kit handy for when you need to go.

So yeah, how do you pee in a wedding dress? The answer is always strategically.

No matter the fashion or style of your wedding dress, you just need to make a plan.

Electric Sugar Elopements can help. We specialize in wedding planning for rebels, so we’re more than happy to help you strategize how to pee — and any other thing you need help with at your wedding.

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