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We’re popping the top on a new year and it’s time to release our list of 2023 wedding trends.

If you’re planning an elopement or a micro wedding during this trip around the sun, you’ll want to know what’s on like Donkey Kong and what’s soooo 2022.

Looking to the Stars

There were some big celebs who said “I do” in ’22, and some couples are already taking cues from the fan-zines.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker tied the knot (3 times!), as did J-Lo and Ben Affleck (just once… for the second time).

The oldest of the Kardashians and the multi-talented drummer professed their love in Las Vegas following the Grammy Awards.

And proving that Sin City will always be on trend, so did the ultimate trend setter J-Lo. A Little White Wedding Chapel was the venue of choice for Jenny from the Block and her man Ben.

Inspiration from those two ceremonies kick off our list of six 2023 wedding trends.

Spontaneous Elopements in Las Vegas

Las Vegas changes with the times. America’s playground is famous for imploding their landmarks, re-inventing themselves and staying relevant to every generation.

Relaxed attitudes and infinite possibilities have defined the town since day one and couples of all kinds have chosen Vegas for decades.

That won’t change anytime soon. If you want a timeless trend, that’s also on the rebellious side, then Vegas has what you’re looking for.

J-Lo and Ben top a long list of A-Listers who have chosen a Little White Wedding Chapel. This hot-spot has been a go-to since the 1950s.

You’ll find Slash, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jordan, Joe Jonas, Sylvester Stallone and Britney Spears among the big names eloping in Vegas and saying “I do” at the famous chapel.

We’ve organized several ceremonies at the Las Vegas Boulevard mainstay. So, if you want to channel the rock star vibe, my team and I are prepared to be the stage managers on your special day.

Intimate Ceremonies

Speaking of Britney Spears, the global super star got married for the third time in 2022 with an intimate ceremony in front of carefully chosen friends at her Thousand Oaks, California home.

Brit and her newest husband, Sam Asghari, are among couples choosing to keep things small. It’s the 2023 wedding trend that award-winning celebrity wedding planner Lisa Vorce says is catching on like wildfire.

“Our clients are opting to keep the ceremony itself uber private. This mitigates some of that pent-up anxiety that can be felt before professing your love in front of hundreds of people, and helps protect the intimacy of a ceremony,” she said.

You don’t have to make regular appearances on TMZ or have your own #FreeBritney movement to understand the appeal of an intimate ceremony.

Nor do you have to have an actual flock of paps hounding you at every turn to get the rock star look.

At Electric Sugar Elopements, we provide the rock star treatment without the hassle of celebrity.

Killer Views and Great Scenes

Kim Brannan, a The Knot Hall of Fame florist based in Kansas City, claims that killer views are getting more and more popular. And I couldn’t agree more.

With Instagram and Pinterest still mega-forces in the look-book department it’s no wonder couples are looking for badass backdrops, and “WOW” inducing streetscapes to set the scene for their special day.

Some of the inspiration might be coming from the music world. The disco-rrific hallways of Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” music video, and the energetic urban jungle of GloRilla and Cardi B’s “Tomorrow 2” vid are inspiring couples to push the boundaries of what makes a photogenic spot.

Finding beauty under a fading alley mural or along side a rusting Cadillac parked under a rocky outcrop is a great way to harness your personality.

Because shit, man, we can’t all choose a Medieval castle overlooking the sea in Portofino, Italy.

Full Color

After a couple of years being tied to our living rooms — which, let’s face it, are probably painted taupe (gag) — couples are opting for lots of color to complement their ceremony.

Traditional black tuxes and white gowns are being supplanted by every color of the rainbow.

Plus, decorations and floral arrangements don’t have to be rooted in typical pastels in the spring or earthy tones in the fall. Don’t be stingy, break open that box of Crayolas and go nuts!

According to Rebecca Gardner, named one of VOGUE’s top event designers, when it comes to color, the bigger the better.

“My clients want unabashed color, wild patterns, luscious flowers, and moments of unexpected delight. A playful palette encourages fun,” Gardner says.

She’s not the only one singing the virtues of color. Top custom-experience maker Augusta Cole backs Gardner up.

Cole says “Couples are not shying away from color, but instead, we are seeing our couples embrace thoughtful color references through patterned textiles, illustrations, floral concepts, custom décor moments and their bridal fashion.”

What better way to embrace this hard-charging trend than by letting us organize your micro wedding at one of Las Vegas’s most colorful sites.

Say “I do” amongst The Seven Magic Mountains for an ultra-bright and colorful ceremony to take advantage of this 2023 wedding trend.

NO! And don’t ask again.

The stock market isn’t the only thing trending down these days. We’re pleased to report that some very unnecessary and wasteful practices are getting the hell outta here.

Here’s a look at what’s mercifully falling by the wayside.

One and Done Wedding Dresses

Sustainable wedding fashion is on the rise. No longer are brides feeling the pressure of the traditional dress shopping experience.

They’re asking, “Why should I succumb to the environmentally destructive manufacturing process of having a brand-new dress made?”

Wearing your look just once, (for maybe only a few hours) is far from sustainable. But we have good news.

Wedding resale sites are booming. Couples are more willing to be part of the recycled wedding fashion economy than in years past.

Snagging a gently worn dress gives that garment a new life. Plus, with a little expert dry cleaning your second hand wedding gown can be sold again.

The resale market is just one part of the sustainable trend. Bridal designers are now offering collections filled with bridal separates.

Look for pantsuits and jackets that can become part of your everyday wardrobe. Go for fun crop tops and re-wearable pieces. Removable floor-length skirts are trending too, allowing brides to finish the night with a mini dress, easily added to your closet to wear again.

Saving the planet! Yay! Now that’s one of the 2023 wedding trends we hope sticks around awhile.

Welcome Gift Bags

Why the hell did these become a thing? Crappy snacks filled with high fructose corn syrup, sunscreen on a carabiner and loud crinkly bottled water?! Seriously? If you can’t hang, you’re on your own.

This modern staple has gone from thoughtful personalized collections of goodies to a totally lame afterthought. Thank God the welcome gift bag is no longer cool.

Your guests are (at least mostly) perfectly capable adults. Let them get their own bottled water. There are better snack options on the menu in the hotel bar.

And we’ve got all the re-usable “LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.” tote bags we need. Thanks, but no thanks.

The End of This Blog is the Beginning of Your Special Day!

With this list of 2023 wedding trends, you’ll be ready to hit the highway for your special day in Las Vegas.

Watch out for speed traps and if you’re lost wandering the desert somewhere between Victorville and the state line, turn to my team and I at Electric Sugar Elopements to set you straight.

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